Xiao Zhan is currently on the “true” path, day after day, heading to the future.

Last summer, to commemorate Cao Yu’s 100th Year Anniversary, Xiao Zhan conducted a “Theatre Talk Between Two Generations” with scriptwriter Wan Fang, Cao Yu’s daughter. Xiao Zhan asked: Is “truth” an important element in our creative process? In her response, Wan Fang mentioned a line from “Winter Journey”: No path leads towards sincerity, sincerity itself is a path. Xiao Zhan is currently on this “true” path, day after day, heading to the future.

In the spring of 2020, Xiao Zhan completed post-recording work for “Oath of Love”. One day in March or April, Xiao Zhan said to Lv Ying, the director of Oath of Love, that he really envies Gu Wei. He said, “Gu Wei is so happy, he has a simple and ordinary life.” Lv Ying recalls that he told Xiao Zhan, “You don’t need to envy him, your life will surely be even better than his.”

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“Chongqing Boy” Xiaozhan: I’ll sing the “Red Plum Blossoms” in my heart for you guys, the colder it is the more it blooms, symbolizing our people’s spirit.

Hello everyone! I’m Xiaozhan. Today, I’ll sing this song “Red Plum Blossoms” for you, which symbolizes Chongqing.

Speaking of Chongqing, people’s first reaction is Chongqing hotpot. In the summer, many people sitting by the side of the street eating Mala Hotpot, playing rock paper scissors while drinking cold beer, that’s the worldly Chongqing life in my memory. Before when people asked me how Chongqing spiciness is different, I would answer that it’s a numbing spiciness. The mountain city’s hot pot never just aims to be spicy, there needs to be the aroma of Sichuan pepper; that’s the standard Chongqing taste. I consider myself a standard Chongqing person. I’m not afraid to imagine and take action, I’m straightforward and decisive, the flavors of Chongqing found in the hot pot seasoning seem to all run in my blood without exception. I grew up in Chongqing, lived there for more than twenty years, and the strongest, strongest feeling I have is that Chongqing people’s personalities are all quite “stubborn”, I don’t know if it’s because we do “rock climbing” every day. As we climb the mountains and step over the ridges, that “stubbornness” deep within us seeps into every Chongqing person.

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Our Song Recording 19.11.28

@xzhan1005 – please don’t reupload!

I’m trying to keep this completely spoiler free so I won’t talk about the actual content much but there is so much to look forward to! I think this will air around ep. 7-8. It’s a different phase of the competition so there’s a lot of new rules and collaborations!

As is tradition I want to start by saying a little repetitively how good looking Xiaozhan is in person. Seeing him on the Our Song stage will make anyone happy because he is so so so happy and bright and bubbly and cute and polite and absolutely perfect!

Xiaozhan’s outfit was pretty casual, much more low key than the others guests but we all know he doesn’t need clothes to shine! His skin is so nice, this uncle next to me was saying when he saw Xiaozhan up close he noticed that he had like baby soft skin 😂 He’s really tall and thin, and his outfit today really showed off his pretty wrists and ankles (you know what I mean hehe). 

He’s also respectful but playful, when he listens to other guests talk he offers up 100% attention, he blink blink, he nod he nod, he laugh laugh uwu then sometimes his more playful side shows and he’ll make a witty joke then look really shy about it right after. Where I was sitting I could see his face clearly as he was sitting, and he has so many cute expressions he is really a bunny. When other guests are singing he is really feeling it and bopping to the music.

Like I said earlier, the songs today were really different from what we heard earlier!  The stages were very elegant and beautiful and Xiaozhan’s voice is so beautiful and stable live (the recording is completely live and unedited vocals, sometimes if an artist makes a mistake or misses a part you can hear there’s not even any backtrack playing). 

Baby seemed quite nervous today especially during the voting, he was scared to even look at the results as votes were accumulating. But other than that he was smiling all the time and looking really happy to be on stage. I want to say I love Our Song again for giving him a stage to sing on and do something he clearly loves very much even when he had already set his focus to acting. He’s always in such a good mood 😭

His hands are so small, his eyes are always twinkling he speaks so gently and he’s so just so unconsciously cute 😭 So many cute expressions like his jaw would drop when someone said something surprising, he would blink rapidly when he’s listening and concentration, he would bob his head and tap his foot when listening to other performances, sometimes he would puff out his cheeks, so cute 😭 

As usual fanboys were a highlight, today he was doing some light stretching and a fanboy yelled “Xiaozhan do you need a massage?” and Xiaozhan turned and was shocked like 😳 

The studio would chant his name during breaks and at one point it got a little excessive, so he did the thing again where he put his finger to his lips and we all quieted down right away 😂 

Before his first performance he opened his mouth really wide and the MC called him out for it, then he said he needs to open up his mouth to be able to sing. At one point Wakin Chau said that when Naying and Xiaozhan sing together they’re like mom and son, Xiaozhan was shaking and waving his hand being like “I wasn’t the one who said that!” I think we’re all moms today 😭